Rose Hydrosol

Rose Hydrosol

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Rose Hydrosol

What are the benefits of using Rose Hydrolat?

This intense floral distillate can be used to care for all skin types, with particular emphasis on mature, rosacea and dry skin.

– gently cleanses the skin

– refreshes and tones, restoring the correct pH of the skin

– moisturizes

– slightly tightens the skin, smoothing wrinkles

– softens red and swollen eyelids

Use as:

Tonic, refreshing face mist, aromatic water (eg for bed linen), oil / cream base. Apply directly to the skin by spraying with a spray bottle or by dosing the hydrosol on a cotton pad.

The scent is beautiful, rose, but a real rose, without pomp and circumstance.

Provides perfect color, removes delicate make-up and refreshes tired skin, making it a perfect substitute for tap water in daily care.

It softens bags around the eyes.

Perfectly hydrates, has a soothing effect, slightly firms the skin and smoothes wrinkles gently.

Nourishes dry rosacea skin.

We especially recommend the rose for the ritual of morning or evening care: we use it to cleanse the face and décolleté and apply a drop of selected oil (for example from raspberry seeds) on the hydrated skin. The skin remains soft and hydrated.

Radish peptides extend the shelf life of the hydrosol while exhibiting exceptional moisturizing properties.

About hydrosols:

Hydrosols are produced during the distillation of some or all of the plants with steam. Basically, they are water-based flower / herbal extracts. They retain the active ingredients of the plants from which they are prepared, which is an ideal natural way to refresh and moisturize the skin. We recommend using them when removing make-up, cleansing or moisturizing the skin just before applying the oil or cream. Their beautiful scents have an aromatherapeutic effect, relaxing, relieving stress or, for a change, stimulating to action.

The above product is 100% natural – so the fragrance, color and consistency may vary slightly from batch to batch.

Content: 50 ml

Dark glass bottle with atomizer

Country of origin: France

Ingredients: Ecological damask rose hydrosol, radish fermentation