Conditioner Bar – Normal to Dry Hair

Conditioner Bar – Normal to Dry Hair

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Solid Conditioner Bar – Normal to Dry hair by Helemaal Shea

The Conditioner Bar – Normal to Dry hair by Helemaal Shea is a pure, handmade solid conditioner full of natural ingredients. The naked conditioner detangles, nourishes and cares for the hair and scalp. With patchouli, orange, mandarin, ylang ylang and geranium essential oil which blends into the perfect combination for dry hair with the amber, oriental smell. In other words, rich, earthy and warm scent.

This conditioner contains oils and butters such as shea butter, coconut oil and avocado oil. Therefore, conditioner bar nourishes and enrich dry hair with wheat protein, Pro Vitamin B5, Vitamin E.

Why conditioner in solid bar?

Think about how many bottles of conditioner each person through away annually. Unfortunately, not every city and country recycle the single-use plastic bottles. In fact, most of the time the bottles end up on the landfills or in the ocean. Later, it degrade in the water into small parts which are called – microplastic.

We need to make a change until it is too late. You can make a change in one simple step. Switch your regular conditioner in the single-use bottle into solid conditioner bar. Solid conditioner is equal to 2 bottles of liquid conditioner in the bottle.

Solid conditioner is again a great example where zero waste on budget meet comfort and satisfaction.

How to use?

Apply the conditioner to the wet hair immediately after washing. You can rub the conditioner bar directly on the hair or you rub the bar between your hands after which you spread the conditioner over the hair and massage the ends well. Leave on for a minute or two. Massage your scalp with your fingers before rinsing it well.