Zero Waste Zone

The Story

We, Darin Arouri & Valeria Kochyna, are the founders of the Zero Waste Zone – the first zero waste shop in North-Brabant. We wanted to present a vision of how to live sustainably being responsible for our planet.

The zero-waste journey started when we moved from Eastern Europe to the Netherlands as expat wives.

Being always professionally active, we were looking for ways to start our new paths here in the Netherlands. But it was not only about any activity, we both wanted to do something meaningful in life.

So, when finally one day we met, we started supporting each other in this uneasy immigrant story.

It’s not easy to live a fully zero waste life. However, every little step matters, every decision we make – no matter how big or small – has an impact and we must become aware of the consequences.

We started our Zero Waste journey with a Facebook group (Zero Waste Eindhoven) and that was the beginning of a meaningful business and a beautiful friendship. This journey became our life’s story.

Our aim was to create a place where people can make their first zero waste steps, get their questions answered but also feel good about who they are.

That is why Zero Waste Zone was created – a shop but also a place where we want to meet you and get to know you better.

As it is important for us to be part of the community and contribute to its wise and sustainable development.
Why we changed our name?